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Farm Animals!

on November 28, 2011

Our first day back to classes after break and we went on a field trip to The Urban Farm. It was a pretty cool lil place only about 15 minutes away from me!

All the animals were super nice and cooperative.
I got to pet a lot of horses, and the dark cow kept licking me lol.

The goats were super cute and funny. We were allowed to go in with the smaller ones and play with them for a few minutes. The larger ones were very inquisitive and tried to eat my assignment while nibbling on my fingers.

The neatest thing was that I got to cut a sheeps hooves! Even was the “black sheep” of the group. But he really looked brown LoL you basically use garden shears to cut them because they’re so tough.There was also a lama that we were trying to cut his nails too we got 3/4 legs done because by the 4th he’d had enough and just sat down. lol.

There was about 5 dogs that live/work there too and they were always running around.

Oh! and the mini mule omg he was so sweet. At first he was yelling at me but then once I started petting/scratching him he wouldn’t move. I spent about 15 minutes with him. He’d move up a step or two at a time so i could reach another part of him to scratch. Smart mule!

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2 responses to “Farm Animals!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Love the pictures!
    Is this a working farm or is it a ‘petting zoo’? Goats will nibble on just about anything. From the top it looks like at least one of the goats is pregnant…I think baby goats are sooooo cute! (Memory banks go off as Trish remembers taking Jordan and Max* to the zoo and taking a couple of extra cute goat and toddler pictures.)

    *a little boy I used to babysit when we lived in Texas

    • they do 4-h things for kids and horse back riding, and have like a community garden area, so its kind of functional lol. but i think its more educational, for like, inner city kids to come see animals they wouldnt normally.

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