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They’re going down!

on December 3, 2011

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that our building has a cockroach problem.

This morning I grabbed a box of Cocoa Krispies for breakfast and a CR was clinging to the outside bottom of it. So I squished him.

I opened the box and another came out.

I threw the krispies, screamed, and promptly left the kitchen.

I’ve had enough. The cats don’t even bother to kill them anymore.

So I went online, found some coupons, and headed to target and bought these.

Today will consist of unfucking the kitchen and placing baits and gel.

Tomorrow we’re going to caulk all seams in the kitchen.
Monday ill be sending my receipts to the leasing company to get reimbursed.


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5 responses to “They’re going down!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Heh. cockroaches are disgusting!

    Especially those great big giant ones that are sometimes called ‘water bugs’. The first time I encountered one of those great big huge ones was when we moved from Mississippi to North Carolina. The first full day in the new apartment had Chris going to work and me unpacking boxes. I saw that the cat* was watching something pretty intensely so I had to go see what she was stalking. It was one of those big ‘water bugs’ (cockroaches) and it appeared to be dead. I gave a little squeal which scared the cat and if the cat wasn’t going to go near it neither was I. No more work got done in the kitchen that day as I refused to go around that big dead bug to get into the kitchen. Chris had to take care of it when he got home.

    I wish you well in the geling and caulking of your kitchen.

    *This was before we knew I was allergic to kitties.

    • Lol! They’re fast lil buggers too! By the time I find something to squish them with they sometimes get away.

      They really vary in sizes here but usually no more than 3/4 inch long-ish. But still gross.

      Gonna make the man pull out the dishwasher tomorrow and get back in there cuz they like water. I hope I infect their whole colony! Buahahahahahaa!

  2. Cloudy J says:

    I’d rather have roaches than bedbugs.

    Then again I’ve never had roaches so maybe not.

    By the way the snow on your blog paired with the tropical beach scene is something I find hilarious!

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