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Kitchen – DONE

on December 17, 2011





Just spent 2 hours unfucking the kitchen.

Did dishes
Rearranged counter top to fit new keurig
Somehow seems I have more space now
Even cleaned UNDER the oven top part that holds the burners.
Also going to go buy new what are they called? The
things that sit under the burners to catch stuff..
Cuz mine are beyond cleaning. Already threw them out.
Even swept and mopped!
Set out more cockroach gel
Threw out 4 boxes of cereal because I don’t want to risk seeing bugs.
Cleaned the top of the fridge and inside cabinet above it.
Cleaned dog and cat food holders/bowls. Ew gross.
Took out 2 bags of trash.

Still need to finish up laundry including putting it away.
Maybe if I have time, re vacuum the living room.

I think the man will be surprised and happy with my progress!

My reward is going to see New Years Eve with some of the New Kids girls tonight!


3 responses to “Kitchen – DONE

  1. crankypants says:

    very nice!! Your apartment looks a lot like my Houston apartment.

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