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on December 19, 2011

So Frustrated!

Midway through this semester I got an email from our advisor saying that they didnt have my biology transcripts.. well. thats because you dont accept the one i took from the previous school.

So why the fuck did you let me into the program then if I didn’t have my prerequisites? How is that MY fault. Isn’t it your job as part of admissions to make sure I have everything in order?

Last week I went to the testing center to try and test out of Biology 111, but they wanted me to take tests for bio 201/204. Which is stuff that’s way over my head and doesn’t apply to my degree. So i didnt end up taking any test because no one could figure anything out.

Today I talked to someone again in my programs advising dept and she says either 1. take the bio class (oh and english and principles of speech too) or pay $112 to take a CLEP test and test out of the class (and get credit for it). $112?!?! that’s a LOT for a test i may or may not, more like not, pass.

So what may happen is this spring (january really) I may just have to take the general prerequisite courses instead of my vet classes. and then not have any classes in the summer. And then return to the vet program in the fall. UGH. that pushes my graduation back  a whole lot. |=

If that happens i’ll most likely just take them all online, that way I can find a better paying job and work more during the winter (spring) and summer sessions, and still be able to go on my cruise w/o it interfering with school.

Its really frustrating. Why wasn’t this caught in JUNE when I turned in my application to the program and was accepted???

So I went online today to order my transcripts from Nevada, which have passing grades in psychology, sociology, math 111, which hopefully transfers; they require math 107.

I tried to register for these basic classes that I need, and now it tells me that I don’t have the basic requirements! wtf?!?!!? So NOW i have to go back, take the basic placement  tests, THEN  register for those classes. GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Because my SAT scores are older than 10 years those don’t count towards my placement scores. so retarded.

So i’m going to email the head of our program again and see what she has to say. It’d be really more convenient if she’d just let me take bio at the same time as next semester’s classes, but it looks like that prolly won’t happen. \=


One response to “Grrrr

  1. xmangerm says:

    I’m sorry that this is happening to you but, rules are rules:)

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