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Shopping stuff

on December 30, 2011

Because of xmas, my unemployment money was 3 days late getting to me.

I did get a bunch of shopping done yesterday though. Went to ikea, bed bath beyond, bath and body works, and old navy.

I had 2x$20 groupons to use at old navy. I found the man a nice grey pea coat, normally $89, for $3 out of pocket, and he loved it. Almost as much as the leather marc anthony jacket he got for xmas.

I got myself some cute grey corduroy pants, a pink top and another pair of their mens knit gloves (cuz they fit better with my nails). Got all that for $5 and some change.

I got up and went to work at 530 this am, except no one else showed up. Apparently “I read the schedule wrong” and our shipment isn’t until saturday this week……. Then they called me today and said it’ll actually be at noon instead of 5 am. That’ll be…..interesting …. to do with a store full of customers.

Today I went to a different ulta and got a facial. Since we don’t currently have an esthetician at ours. I’ve been breaking out horribly lately for unknown reasons aside from shark week. So hopefully this helps clear up my skin for the new year. Bonus, employee discount made it only $27! But I ended up buying a clearance eyeshadow brush, hair flower clip, and some trial size big sexy hair shampoo and conditioner so I managed to spend $42 lol. Still, less than the normal cost of a facial.

I think I’ll drag myself outta bed tomorrow and go do 2 hours of pachanga well maybe less 15 mins since I’ll have to come home and get ready for work.

I’m sad that katy perry and russell brand are breaking up. I thought for sure they would make it.


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