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Wrapping up 2011

on December 30, 2011

I guess I should make the mandatory end of year post huh?


2011 had its ups and downs.
One of each was getting fired from the DMV. Man I hated that place. I’m so much happier now that I don’t have to go there on a daily basis.

It did allow me the time to go back to school. I passed all my classes and was even the president of our student group.

Although I may be backstepping this next semester I’m still pursuing what will make me happy.

I’ve successfully lost nearly 20 lbs although a few may have crept back up the last few weeks.. I just need to get back to pachanga on a regular basis again.

Even though I’m on unemployment, the one or two days a week that I work aren’t too horrible aside from the 5 am shift.

My beauty collection; makeup and hair products, has exponentially grown thanks to the employee discount lol

Sure wish I had some health insurance though!

Got a pretty good handle on my finances this year.

I reunited with my love this summer and now we’re working on happily ever after.

We adopted another dog, even tho she’s such a handful, she’s so darn cute.

Oh and I can’t forget the NKOTB cruise! Good times and great new friends!


So what does 2012 have in store?

* successfully completing more school
* losing some more lbs, being more healthy over all, eating better.
* keeping up with unfucking of house, life, money, laundry.
* not yelling as much (apparently I do this too much). So I guess I’ll have to try walking away before I say something now. We’ll see how THAT goes…
* drink more water
* find a better job more suited to my career path… That pays well.
* start saving money!
* have another awesome NKOTB cruise this summer!


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