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Shiny Chrome

on January 3, 2012

I just switched over to Google Chrome for my browser. I’m fed up with Firefox. When i restart my pc, it literally takes about 5 minutes for Firefox to open up. Sure I have like 6 tabs that all open at start up, but still, that’s ridiculous.  So far, Chrome is pretty snazzy and much faster. I wish however they had a browser for my phone. Guess i’ll keep using FF there for now.

Not too much going on today… its kinda over cast and gloomy outside, which I don’t mind at all, but I dont have much motivation to do anything either.

While I was at work yesterday the Man vacuumed the living room which was super nice of him. I unfucked the kitchen the other day and its still clean. I guess I could do some laundry today to stay on top of it, and the bedroom needs a good vacuuming. The new vacuum I got is pretty awesome so far.

I need to renew my body bugg subscription w/i the next 16 days, I also have a code for 30% off for the renewal. So next week when I get paid i will. I need to be more vigilant with it. Most of December I either didnt wear it, didnt update it, or didnt input my food. Such a Slacker. I’ve got 6 months until the next cruise so i’d like to lose a lil bit more weight. This will also mean getting my butt back to Pachanga a lot.

Hopefully will hear something back from the school this week since the employees should be returning from break, i’d like to register for classes already (and school loans so I can have some money!)

Well I’ve been distracted enough while writing this post I better go get something done!


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