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All sorted out

on January 6, 2012

So I got an email back on Wednesday from the Dept Head for the vet program, and she agreed to let me continue my spring semester as normal in the vet classes!!! I’m so stoked. The only condition is that i have to take the biology and english classes during the summer session, which is fine because the only other class during summer is radiology and an internship. So i could either do them online or in person.

So this semester I’ll be taking:
Surgical Nursing
A & P 2

Internships on Monday and Weds

I just need to order my books next week, they’re gonna be about $160. Of course one that I sold back, I need to re-buy. lame-o! Gotta either reorganize my binders or maybe just get one big one to hold everything. Need to figure out how I’m going to store all of last semesters paperwork, maybe an accordion folder or another big binder..

I don’t have friday’s off anymore, I have a class starting at 9am. So If i’m going to continue working shipment on fridays ill have to be off by 8am. I dunno if they’re gonna like that. I’ll tell’em later this week.

I’m excited to get back to school cuz i’m pretty bored at home everyday. LoL. A housewife I am not. I’m way too lazy for all that. But there is some remaining unfucking to do around here before I go back.. I’ve got until the 17th (=

Next week I think i’ll get my hair re-glazed and a little cut so i’m ready to go back. Also need to get my nails done. The man bought me a groupon-type deal, a deep exfoliating facial and a body mud wrap. Only $59, normally $178! So i gotta decide when I wanna do that. Maybe ill wait till around valentines day or something… I have until July to use it.

I’ve got about 4 magazines left to read then I can toss them all YaY! I’ll probably do one or two more today but first i’ve gotta go sort some laundry and get it started.


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