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Goin Goin..back back to…

on January 16, 2012

Tomorrow I go back to school! Yay! Spring Semester! (even though it starts in the middle of Winter, I’ll never understand that)

I got a BIG 2″ Orange Binder this time, instead of switching between different ones this semester, i’m gonna see if it’ll work better for me just keeping everything in one.

Cleaned out my backpack, got my books in order.. still waiting for 1 or 2 to show up… but I know I won’t need them right away anyways. Pretty sure we dont even have to show up on Wednesday of this week because normally on Wednesday’s we have our internship, but not the first week.

Should be getting my “Book Advance” money tomorrow, (supposed to be today, but its a holiday and all), hopefully that comes in cuz i could really use that $500!

Did a bunch of grocery shopping today. Albertson’s had round roast and petite sirloins buy one get one free… so I got $60 some worth for only $30 ish. Not too shabby!  OoOo I also bought some International Delight, York Peppermint Pattie flavor! I think it’ll go good in my Chocolate Raspberry Truffle coffee or even some hot cocoa.

This weekend we went and saw The Devil Inside, it was a trippy movie with a cliff hanger ending! Gah!!

You know what I miss about VOX? How you could include pictures/books/movie pictures in like from amazon or wherever. That’d be a cool thing for WP to get in to.

Kinda got the dining table unfucked, wont stay that way long i’m sure. REALLY need to do the dishes though, theyre out of control. And throw some more laundry in the washer… probably tomorrow…

Well I better go lay down…im not tired, but i need to be ready for tomorrow!



4 responses to “Goin Goin..back back to…

  1. Redscylla says:

    OH lord. I’m so glad I don’t have to go to school anymore. How long until you finish?

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