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Easy as a Monday morning..

on January 23, 2012

Ahhh this is probably my last free Monday for a while so I really need to take advantage of it and get some stuff done!

Normally i’ll have internships on Mondays and Wednesdays, but that doesn’t start until the 30th. I need to input all the days into my calendar so I know where i’m going, when. We received out internship assignments on Friday and I’m happy with what I got, all my top choices!  1. An equestrian boarding facility, yay horses! 2. A wildlife sanctuary, yay squirrels! lol 3. Every Creature Counts, who we adopted Abbie from!

This morning I went to school for a NAVTA meeting for new members, however only 1 new student showed up, we’re having another meeting tomorrow so hopefully a few more may come. Aside from that we’re going to have a meeting on Thursday to welcome everyone back.

The school has started a food pantry for students who can receive 3 items a week. I suggested we do a bake sale around valentines day, and instead of money people can bring non-perishable food/cans in exchange for baked goods so that we can plump up the pantry. We’re probably also going to do coffee every Monday with the same stipulations.

I also suggested utilizing one of the boards that is never used, as a coupon exchange and also an area to recycle ink cartridges.

My last 2 books should be delivered this week, I also need to order a Veterinary Drug book at some point, but theyre like $75!  USED! sheesh.

I think the doggies are feeling better, Ellie had normal poop this morning, yay! Abbie and her super sensitive stomach, I think she’s doing better though. No explosive diarrhea in the house in 24 hours.

For reals today I need to clean the carpets I’ve put it off waiting to see if she was going to make any more messes but i think we’re in the clear.

Like Cranky, I too need to unfuck my coffee table. I swear I just did the kitchen the other day and now it needs it again. Driving me crazy! Just a few dishes in the sink, putting away whats in the dishwasher, and a quick wipe down of the counters. I’ve got a ton of laundry that needs to be done too, getting low on underwear!

I just remembered I need to pick up a few more pairs of scrubs because I only have the 2 from school, I’ll need some for lab classes and for intern days. Thankfully I get paid this week so i can afford some, and pay rent.

Ah shit just remembered that the cell phones are due right after rent. That’ll be tricky!  Can’t wait till mid-february when I get the rest of my school overage money. Will make life so much easier.

Alright time to get off my butt and get something done around here.



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