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on January 23, 2012

How does this make any sense?
Not even close to being in Denver.

*update* ✆
3:55 PM (3 minutes ago)

 Hi Sara,

Thank you for your email. I show your package is going through our sorting facilities within California so far. I see that your shipment is on time and scheduled for delivery on 1/25 also. I recommend for you to continue tracking the package and to watch for further updates.

 Best Regards,

 Benjamin King 

UPS Corporate Social Media Team


No shit? I pretty much gathered that it was “On its way to me”…….. however I don’t understand why it goes between 2 different “sorting facilities” for 3 days.  A package weighing not even a half pound has to be sorted twice?

I really wish I had other options when it comes to ordering school books.

*2nd update*

Don’t forget about this other package that was supposed to be delivered today…10pm, still nothing here.


3 responses to “WTF UPS

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Looks like a call to UPS with your tracking number may answer a question or two. I can’t see why this package is being circled between Ontario and Cerritos…they may have an answer.

    Hope you get your package soon.

  2. Cloudy J says:

    Ugh, UPS. They were the one shipping company that refused to stop by my office at my old job and pick up packages. Not a fan.

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