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Unfuckery on a Monday

on January 30, 2012

I was a major slacker all weekend.
Really, I wanted to participate in the UFYH weekend, but my body thought otherwise, shark week’s a bitch man! Zapped all my energy and will to do anything aside from sit on the couch.

Tonight was a different story though.

Well today I started my first day at my Internship at the animal shelter. Lots of observing, helping, restraining, giving shots, cuddling cute puppies and kitties, watching dentals, and the worst part, seeing a beautiful husky be put down because of seizures \=

After 7 hours there..

I came home, unfucked my Federal Taxes and sent off my state ones for a friend to look over before I submit them.

While watching new episodes of Hoarders and Intervention, I managed to clean off half of the dining table, which was just enough room for me to study for tomorrows Pharmacology test and A&P 2 quiz. I think I spent an hour and a half studying? Not sure it flew by pretty quickly. Could have been less.

Then I cleaned the dreaded litter box! Yay i’ll have happy kitties.

Once that was done, I got up, put all the dishes in the dishwasher, made dinner, yum spinach and cheese raviolis!, then put those dishes in the dishwasher, and turned it on!

Made my Passion Tea Lemonade for tomorrow, even slightly cleaned off the coffee table. Mostly random paperwork that could be thrown away, receipts, expired coupons, etc. Still more to be done there, but im not pushing the subject.

Took the trash bag out of the can, tied it up, and set a bunch of stuff by the door to be taken out in the morning.

Tomorrows mission: The black mark on the linoleum by the front door, thats been there since i moved in… September of 2010… lol


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