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Meow meows!

on February 6, 2012

Some cool cats I hung out with today..



This is my buddy drew with one eye, but he’s so sweet, such a lover.

Also worked on the sweetest black kitty. He’d stand up on the table, wrap his arms around my neck, and literally hug me (with his claws). And tons of head butts. Awe I loved him. We named him figaro.

We also spayed a (mean) boston terror… Terrier… When her parents came.. They brought her 7! Puppies for shots. They were adorbs.

I also got to draw blood on a kitty who was knocked out and I got it!


2 responses to “Meow meows!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    Sounds like yesterday was a great day for you and your vet-learning. πŸ™‚

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