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on February 10, 2012

I got a call this week that my landlord needs to inspect my Fire Alarm/CO2 detectors and provide me with a fire extinguisher per the HOA. (this will take all of 15 minutes)


So I have between now and Wednesday to get the following Unfucking done:

  • Dishes
  • Clean kitchen
  • Make it look like only 1 dog and 1 cat live here.. not the rest of the zoo.
  • Vacuum
  • Steam clean the carpets (see previous animal issue)
  • Clean the bathroom (actually isn’t that bad)
  • Clean off the fucking coffee table already!
  • Clear off the couch and adjacent chair
  • Move the boyfriends shit into the bedroom already and organize it
  • Do lots n lots of laundry
  • Hang lots n lots of laundry up
  • Clean the bunnies cage
  • I’d like to clean the car out, but that’s not an asap thing

What will interfere with all this?

  • Working 8-1 on Saturday am.
  • Attending 2 hour super party for Pachanga Sat 6pm-8pm
  • Working 7-11 on Sunday am
  • Baking cookies and brownies for school bake sale/fundraiser on Monday
    (i’ve made them, not baked them yet)
  • Sleeping
  • Walking the dogs, entertaining the dogs.
  • Oh tonight’s impending snow storm… again.
  • My over all lazy procrastinating self
  • Studying, making a table for Pharmacology
  • Make signs/organize things for Coupon Exchange board at school.
  • Updating twitter/facebook/blog/crowdtap, tumblr

So even though I’ve been up since 4am today, (I worked 5am-8am, then went to school from 9am-1pm) I may just make the cookies tonight, then frost them later this weekend. Clean the kitchen before I bake, and then as I go/during the process of dough chilling.

Everything feels like it’ll take forever. It won’t, well it will but its manageable if i break it down into sections, 20/10’s sometimes work, but sometimes 45/15’s work better because im not always done at 20.

I know in the end a clean house will = a clean mind and then ill be less overwhelmed/stressed about life and school.


2 responses to “Ahhhhh!

  1. crankypants says:

    So what are you going to do with the rest of the pets when the people are in your apartment? I mean, you can hide the bunnies easily enough but a dog and cat (you have 3 cats right? or just 2?) are not quite as easy.
    Good luck! Just uh…prioritize. Get the BF to assist in whatever you can!

    • bunnies go in the bedroom closet, no problem.

      Luckily the smoke detectors are in the hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom so she shouldnt NEED to go anywhere else in the house.

      I’ll just lock the dogs in the bedroom and hope that only ONE barks, the cats (4) are pretty self sufficient on hiding. Twitch and Snatch run at any sound made and i’ll just put them all in the bedroom as well. They’re not crybabies either so there shouldnt be any meowing outta them!

      Not sure if he’s going to be able to be here this weekened TO help cuz he’s gotta work n stuff too.

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