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My Last day at ECC

on February 20, 2012

This was my final day at Every Creature Counts, it seemed to go by faster than the rest but also seemed like there was less to do.

I found out the one eyed kitty drew, his results came back as cancerous, so they sent him to a foster home to live out his life. Even though he didnt get adopted at least he’s home with someone to love on him!

We had a lot of small dogs and puppies to work on today.

There was a different Dr there today, he was pretty interesting. Come to find out we even have the same kind of dog! (Ellie) Dutch Shepherds! Crazy.

Check out these guys:

A min pin/boston terrier – the ears the ears!
And mom and puppies are Jack Russell/Wire Terriers
We named them all presidential names since its Presidents Day!
Mom was Eleanore, puppies were jefferson, washington, arthur (i think), jackie and martha.

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