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This is long, but good

on March 2, 2012

Ashley: Monday was a great day! We watched spay and neuters all day. There was a cat that was pregnant getting a spay which was interesting, It was sad that they couldnt allow the kittens to be born but at the same time it was understandable, very interesting procedure. The day went super fast as normal. I really enjoy how fasted paced shelters are! I think this was a great learning experience, Jen the Vet Tec is really a great teacher, and the students who will be going there will learn alot!

Veronica:  too bad the kittens couldnt be born, but it is understandable. when i went to shadow at one of the clinics, there was a rabbit there that was being spayed and she was pregnant. they calle dthe owner and asked if she wanted to keep them, but she couldnt afford the caost of 7 baby rabbits. as sad as it was, it was kind of interesting to see the young devloping rabbits. 

Samantha: I think it is positively horrible how understanding you people are of these innocent murders.

Ashley: What do you suggest they do? Of course i feel for the cat the kittens, but you also have to remember that this is a shelter; they are trying to find homes for each of these animals. If they would allow every pregnant cat to have their litter, they would probably no longer have the funds to care for each animal and end up having to put some of the cats to sleep anyway.

They are doing the best they can, and i would hardly call the doctors that perform this procedure murderers.

Samantha: So say your mom went in for surgery when she was pregnant with you, and the doctors decided you were simply going to be one more mouth to feed, so they cut your life right then and there. Are you saying that that wouldn’t have been murder? Any time you euthanize anyone or anything that has the right to be born I consider it murder. Which indeed makes the one doing it and anyone assisting a murderer.

Me: plenty of humans abort pregnancies, thats their choice.

the shelters are choosing to abort these kittens/puppies/rabbits whatever because they are already over populated. its just not feasible to save every single animal that walks through the door.

if this were a “kill” shelter, they most likely would have put them down if they were born because they may not have any room, just like an elderly cat  with medical problems that hasnt been adopted, they will eventually put it down.

If a 17 year old dog came in having constant seizures and unable to control its bowels anymore and the owners requested to euthanize it, that’s their choice. You can’t let the dog continue to suffer and you have to respect their wishes.

Just like its hard to have kittens that thrive w/o their mom. If that owner didn’t want the kittens, couldn’t afford them, it would be difficult to find a foster home to take care of those newborns 24/7.

The people making these decisions have been in the field long enough and know what the outcome will be. You have to respect their education and common sense.

Samantha: What does the 17 year dog scenario have to do with anything? That is completely different; it doesn’t matter how long an individual has been in a field. That doesn’t automatically mean they have the common sense to make a decision. Years in a profession and an educational background have nothing to do with it.

Also those woman that chose to have an abortion chose whether they wanted to keep their own flesh and blood or have it slaughtered. It wasn’t up to these animals if they wanted to be pregnant in the first place, however if they are now pregnant those babies have the right to be born. People of this world (like you) have made Murdering the unborn the easy way out.

Ashley: Samantha,

This situation is one that NOBODY agrees with. I am sure that there isnt a single person in our class that would ever encourage or enjoy the fact that animals, especially babies, must be put down.

There is however a reality to the problem of animal overpopulation. Unfortunately, sometimes you try to justify what you have seen or have to do in order to help the other millions of animals that may still have a chance. If you don’t, you will go crazy. That is reality. No one said it was right or fair. We are all in this field to help prevent this exact situation.

Don’t be so quick to judge people.

Samantha: When pregnant women go in for baby checks we don’t euthanize their baby. There is an over population of people in some countries, who maybe starving. Yet again we don’t kill their babies.

Also I am not judging anyone. I am simply looking at the conversation; it seems a bit casual for poeple who are upset over the fact innocent animals where just MURDER. In addition you shouldn’t be so quick to judge.

Me: On the contrary. If a woman goes to the dr, finds out she’s pregnant and either a. does not want it or b. finds out that there is some birth defect or anomaly, she can terminate the pregnancy.

There’s a difference between murder and managing the population.

Whether an animal is 7 minutes old, or 17 years old, euthanizing it is still the same process.

An unborn fetus has not experienced life yet. If its destiny in life was to live in a shelter for years and years and never be loved by a family, or to be a feral cat in a colony uncared for would that be a better life for it? Not really no.

Education AND Time in the profession has EVERYTHING to do with the situation. They are EDUCATED to MAKE the RIGHT DECISION in this profession.

There is a difference between COMMON SENSE AND EDUCATION. Education, we pay for. Common sense, either you have it or you don’t.

Remember the dog at the gabriel foundation? The dog really had no quality of life left, it couldn’t walk on it’s own, couldn’t swallow, had gi problems, urinary problems.. the owner was selfish. She was keeping the dog around because it made her happy, not the dog.  Most of us all saw that and commented on it when we got back to school.

Yes it is not up to the animals to be pregnant. But it IS up the OWNER of that animal to spay or neuter them to PREVENT unwanted pregnancy. Does the animal have any say in whether or not it wants to be spayed or neutered???? Nope sure doesn’t.

No one is taking babies to a slaughterhouse to be sliced up and served at Texas Roadhouse here. We are preventing over population of animals that may or may not be able to find forever homes. Sorry but, unborn kittens and puppies don’t legally have any rights.

When you get into the situation of saving every.single.animal you ever come in contact with, then you turn into an animal hoarder and lose control of the population you have acquired. It’s been documented over and over again. You start out wanting to help, but then you get overwhelmed. That in itself is what PREVENTION is all about.

You have to step back and see the whole picture in these situations. It’s for the greater good of the population, the shelters, the well being of those we are already caring for.

How do you expect to ever work in a sheter, clinic, zoo, or any situation if you cannot deal with the concept of euthanasia? It happens on a daily basis, often more than once. You have to respect and appreciate the life that animal had, or appreciate the fact you saved it from having a horrible life.  If you can’t manage those emotions you’ll never make it in this career.

Samantha: There is a difference, you are choosing not to see it. You are not worth my time. Discussion over.

Me: Mmmhmm. 


7 responses to “This is long, but good

  1. trishc1812 says:

    “Discussion over”??? Really? That is very closed minded of her. I ♥love♥ your final comment.

    When I’m home alone during the weekdays I tend to turn my TV to Animal Planet and watch ‘Animal Cops’. The first few times I watched and they ended up not being able to save an animal I cried. But then the more I watched the show the more I came to realize that some of these animals really are too far gone and it is better to euthanize them than to try to make them well and still be in misery. Doesn’t mean I won’t still tear up every once in a while (PMS).

  2. crankypants says:

    Oh good lord. Samantha will save the world, singlehandedly.

    “There is an over population of people in some countries, who maybe starving. Yet again we don’t kill their babies.”

    Um, she might want to read a little bit about China and their 1 child policy. So many people want sons so the baby girls are often killed. I don’t know how rampant that is anymore but it happens.

  3. Cloudy J says:

    Wow, what a clever and well-thought out argument, Sara! No wonder she didn’t have a response. You impress me, girl.

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