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60 Degree Monday!

on March 5, 2012

Ahhhh Such a nice day out!! Its 11 am and already 60 degrees!!!!!!
Its so nice out, that after I dropped my car off to get fixed, i decided to walk home instead of taking the bus.  A whole 2.8 miles! w00t! go me! that’s my workout for the day.

The car is still leaking/spraying coolant from somewhere so hopefully the guy finds it and can fix it for cheaply.

I think I’ll take the bus back down there though, don’t think I could walk that again LOL.

I’ve got lots of laundry and dishes and unfuckery to do today.. now that i’ve had a bit of rest I should get started. Oh and homework too.

Yesterday we didnt get a lot done. I went and danced in the am, we got some mexican food for lunch, watched a few episodes of house and then the movie Blue Valentine. It was good.. but in the end, he didnt like Michelle Williams character lol.

I need to look into plane tix this week, hopefully find a good deal because the cruise is only 3 months away! eeek!!!

Ack I just got distracted looking at bills i better finish this up and go get off my butt!


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