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Spring Break!

on March 20, 2012

Am i heading to Cancun? Florida? Somewhere beachy??



Just staying here.. hanging out.. getting studying done because i have 2 tests next week when we go back to school. Trying to get caught up on unfucking the house, got a lot done this weekend, just need to work on the mountain of laundry in the closet now. I really dont understand how i accumulate so much laundry?! it’s just me!

Aside from yesterday the weather’s been in the 60’s-70’s lately and thats awesome. its supposed to be decent the rest of the week too.

Even though i dont have school, im going to do my last internship day with the horses tomorrow so that i dont have to do it next week. It’ll only take an hour and i’ll be done.

I’ve found a bunch of recipes online lately that I want to try out, like the pizza casserole  and i’ve finally given in to Pinterest and discovered a lot of cool things on there!

Today’s payday which means its pay bills day…. and then go buy a few things that I need for around here and for the aminals. Damn they eat a lot!

yeowch i’ve got a kink in my neck… i better go hop in the shower and unstinkify myself..


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