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Listening in Style!

on March 21, 2012

Yesterday I went to BestBuy to check out some car stereo’s since mine is old, doesnt fit right, and continually eats my cd’s and refuses to spit them out.

I found a really nice Sony that had all the features I wanted at a decent price (79.99) :



I waited and waited and waited for someone to come help me.. i even asked 2 different employees to help me or find someone who would. i really wanted to spend some money. I finally walked up front to the “Customer Service” counter and found 2 employees and a manager. I asked if SOMEONE, ANYONE could help me with this stereo because I really wanted to give them my money, if not, i’d just leave.

The manager got on the radio asking where multiple employees were to come help me. I advised her i’d been over in the car stereo section for at least 30 minutes without seeing 1 single employee. She finally walked to the back with me, I showed her which one I wanted, and she looked it up in the computer and said they had 2 on hand. At that point, “Travis” who was supposed to be in that area, finally showed up, she handed him the slip showing the item I wanted. He walked over to the shelf and grabbed a box. I immediately said “that’s NOT it” it’s THIS one *points to wall* he’s like no, this is the sku she gave me. I said well it came from THIS DISPLAY. So he grabbed the correct one. I said well what is the ACTUAL price of THIS unit since that had the wrong price tag on it? He said.. uhhhh… $150?… i said ok nevermind then, that’s more than i’m willing to pay. You should really get your product info and prices in order, and walked away.

As i was leaving, I saw the manager lady again and advised her that the “advertised price” was for the wrong unit and I wasn’t willing to pay that much. She asked what the price difference was, I said “Travis” told me it was $150, not the $79.99 listed.. so she offered to “Split the difference” with me, and take $40 off.. that was still a bit more than I wanted to pay, but it was do-able so i agreed. She went back to Travis and got the unit for me and stood in line with me to authorize the price over ride.

When we go to the register, it actually rang up at $119.99. I’m not sure if that was a regular price or sale price, but she didn’t blink an eye and took $40 off. So that actually brought it down to the original $79!  haha!  score!!! (thankfully travis was an idiot and gave a higher listed price that it actually was, had he even scanned it and looked it up i wouldn’t have gotten such a good deal).

She apologized profusely for me having to wait so long, and for the incorrect prices. So I appreciated that. And i appreciated the discount!

So it’s pretty nifty, has a usb connection, jack for mp3 player, is sirius xm ready if i wanted to subscribe, and pandora ready as well. Oh and has 35,000 color options available for the display and a remote! AWESOME SAUCE!

We’ll probably pick up some new door speakers soon, and i’m hoping mr man can put it in this weekend because i’m so very impatient! I want it now!!!! If I knew how to do it myself, and had the necessary tools, I would!

I picked up the new “bucket” for it to fit in the truck PROPERLY unlike the current set up. so it should be all perty once we’re done installing it!

Can’t wait till its all ready and I can bump some NKOTB in the car (=


2 responses to “Listening in Style!

  1. crankypants says:

    I hate BB for that reason. Usually the music is blaring and when I actually need help there is no one around or they walk by me and help everyone else like I am invisible, even when I am trying to get their attention. I’m glad you got a good deal and are happy with it, but you have a lot more patience than I do. I’d have left long before you did. I wouldn’t have even gone to the customer service. Their employees NEVER seem to know what they need to know. I haven’t been in one in many years.
    Anyway, good for you!

    • *i actually have a friend who works there but he was busy with some people from the military base otherwise i woulda been in and outta there in like 10 minutes. * *but i got a better deal by complaining to the manager than he coulda given me anyways! *

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