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Taking Control of my Finances! (and being held accountable)

on March 21, 2012

So, I follow a lot of get out of debt/savings blogs/tools/informational things.. and I think it’s finally time for me to make a spreadsheet of what I have going on.

Now this is stuff that’s current, that is NOT in collections
(that’s a whole ‘nother spreadsheet)
These are things that I’m trying to keep up to date, that I currently use.
Does not include monthly bills like rent, power, phone, cable.

School loans are all in deferment because i’m currently a student so they’re not the top priority, even though paying down some of the interest would be helpful.

I’d like to have my 2 credit cards at or close to a ZERO balance by the time I go on my cruise in June. This is totally feasible. In all reality i’d like to NOT have to use them while I’m on the cruise, I’d much prefer to use CASH from my checking account. We’ll see how that goes come June.

I’ve currently saved $300 to put towards my final cruise payment, due at the end of April. I could technically pay what I have now towards it, but its growing interest at 0.80% right now, lol.

Basically any hesitation I have right now on paying large sums off, is that I dont know if my unemployment will continue after this month. It will have been 1 year at the end of this month that I applied for unemployment, and I dont know if it gets automatically extended or what?? Anyone have knowledge on this?

I really only work 8-12 hours a week at Ulta so that’s not a lot of income as it is.
I still have a chunk of school refund money available to me, but I’m sitting on that in case I DONT get continued unemployment.

Since i’ll be attending school during the summer, I’ll have a bit more income from those school refunds as well, not sure how much yet.

Looking at this it seems the smartest thing to do is pay off my State Taxes that are due. $362 total, seems easy enough, then I dont have to worry about owing Colorado anything.

I do have some kind of deferment going on with my federal taxes since i’m on unemployment, something about being “uncollectable” or some nonsense. Of course its still building interest.

Ok so I made a sheet of what our monthly bills on average are…

I’ve been very diligent  (the last week) about NOT eating out. No fast food no restaurants no ice cream. This was taking a huge chunk of my money (and adding to my waistline). Which reminds me I need to pay for a new month of pachanga soon.. argh.

So yeah, thats a good enough place to start I think, like the title says, now I can be held accountable for where I stand and hopefully seeing those #’s decrease will be motivation for me to get things paid off!


2 responses to “Taking Control of my Finances! (and being held accountable)

  1. Kzinti says:

    Awesome! It’s a bit tough to sit down and look at the numbers, but once you get a plan together, it takes a lot of stress off. Plus, it lets you know where to focus on savings. Like us, we found that 98% of everything we used cable for was either streamed over the internet or available through Netflix. So, we dropped cable, kept the internet part, but that alone saved us like $90 a month!

  2. […] back in March I wrote about taking control of my finances/debts what have you, so I think its about time for a little […]

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