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My Makeup Routine

on March 27, 2012

The other day i was avoiding house work and studying, so i took an extra long shower, spent a good amount of time blowing out my hair.. then decided to do a step-by-step photo of my makeup process. This isn’t *everyday* but its if i have extra time, or want to look spiffy LoL.

I was going for an eye look similar to this:








I’ll do it in slide format I think that’ll be easier..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 responses to “My Makeup Routine

  1. trishc1812 says:

    I like step-by-step instructions. I have read so many different articles on how to apply make-up. The ‘do this first’ and ‘this last’ lists just mess with me, especially when it comes to applying eye make-up; before or after base, eye liner before or after lid color, mascara on the top only or on top and bottom. Day make-up vs night make-up…if you are going to put make-up on don’t you want to present the best face no matter the time of day or night?

    It just all confuses me. Right now I am fairly happy with my eye routine…the only trouble I have is how to keep the make-up from settling in the lines and *gasp*! wrinkles around my eyes.

    Anyway. You are a very pretty young lady and I like the way you avoided housework. Thank you for sharing.

    • For me, I put eyeliner on last because other wise it gets hidden. I have kinda oily lids so I have to use the primer. I’ve tried cream based shadows even ones that say they won’t crease, but they do!
      I thought it was better than house work too!
      I usually only do mascara on the lower if I need extra drama look. It tends to make my eyes look smaller.

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