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Eeeek!! Themes!!

on April 6, 2012


They’re heeerre! You asked, we listened! Announcing NKOTB CRUISE 2012 THEME NIGHTS — with plenty of time to get your shop on!

Get ready, only 61 days till we set sail!

JUNE 7 – NIGHT 1: You’re invited to a RED CARPET AFFAIR. It’s opening night, so dress your best as we set sail and launch NKOTB Cruise 2012 across the Atlantic.

JUNE 8 – NIGHT 2: After a long day at Half Moon Cay, why bother getting all dressed up? Let’s dress down with a comfy, cozy, UP CLOSE & CUDDLY PARTY! Pajama’s, flip flops, hot stuff, fun stuff – even a pair of boxers and ya man’s t-shirt! Wear what you want, how you want, and leave the rest to us!

JUNE 9 – NIGHT 3: This is how we do it  IN THE 90s! Dust off the Doc Martens, break out your scrunchies and flannel, rewind that Face The Music cassette. It’s 90s night at sea!

JUNE 10 – NIGHT 4: Block Heads represent! Join us for an international celebration at our GPS LOVE FEST. Dress in the styles, the colors, the traditions of your country or city. Wave your flags. Support your favorite sports team or cultural theme! Whatever tells us who you are and where you’re from.

See you on board!



What the eff do I wear for 90’s night?! Flannels would be the easiest to come by I assume… but would have to be cool enough to wear in June. 


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