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My heart, it races

on April 26, 2012

I swear, Abbie is going to be the death of me!!

We were driving home today after we picked up Marc from work, we’re on the freeway, in rush hour traffic. Just pulling up to our exit.. of course traffic is at a dead stop.

Abbie starts barking at the Semi-Truck next to us, I pull forward in traffic… SHE JUMPS OUT THE MOTHER FUCKING WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I see whats going on in my side mirror, slam on the brakes trying not to cause an accident myself, throw the car into park and jump out. Marc seems bewildered right now till he realizes what just happened.

She hurt her foot on the jump out the window, yet still runs to the front of the STOPPED semi truck, barking at it, attacking it, jumping at it… (it’s not like it’s a transformer or something, just a regular 18 wheeler!)

I run to her, wave at the truck driver, other drivers are stopped looking at me, freaking out, asking if she’s okay, noticing she hurt her foot.

So I scoop her up in my arms, Marc has the back door open and I jump in the back seat, he jumps in the driver seat and I try to catch my breath. I check out her leg, and shes got a gaping hole around her “wrist” of her front right leg. To me it looks like its down to the bone.

Since it was nearly 6pm, my regular vet is already closed, so we head to Alameda East (the one from the tv show on animal planet!) It’s right around the corner from my house anyways. So here I am carrying in this 42 lb dog to the hospital, It’s $116.50 just to walk in the door to be seen for an emergency. (there goes the rest of my school money) We take her into an exam room so a tech can look her over and get some details. At this point she’s even putting some weight on her foot so i’m hoping and thinking that it’s not broken. She even starts to lick at her wound.  She only squealed once or twice when we were trying to look at it. She’s a tough doggie.

After the dr got a quick look at her she says it looks like its only down to the tendon not the bone and since she’s putting weight on it, probably not broken. Had we been driving any faster they’d recommend thoracic x-rays to make sure she didnt have any lung bruising but since we were barely going like 5mph its not really a necessity.

So we had to leave her there for a few hours to get fixed up, since its an emergency visit they fit her in around the regular appts they already have and of course other major emergencies (a cat came in with a missing tail, probably via a coyote, so yeah that takes precedence!)

I just called to check up on her since its been a few hours and they said, probably another hour. She’s gotta get the wound cleaned out, stitched up and bandaged. (I asked if I did it myself would i get a discount?! lol) I may be able to pass on a follow up appt since they know im a vet tech student and know what im doing (for the most part!)

The total bill is probably gonna be around $350 including the $116 i already paid. I went online and applied for Veterinary CareCredit. A line of credit for these expenses and got approved for $500! woohooo!!! Otherwise that money would have had to have gone on to my credit cards. I believe theres no interest if paid in full with in 6, 12, or 18 months is what the application said. So hopefully that applies to what we’ll be paying!

Hopefully they call soon cuz I have to get to bed soon since i work at 5am tomorrow. I’ve also gotta study some instruments tonight because we have a practical final tomorrow at 11:30!

This damn dog!! LoL

I tried to get a pic of her wound.. but they’re all kinda fuzzy. I’m sure i’ll have some pathetic pics of her in an E-collar when she gets home..

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2 responses to “My heart, it races

  1. crankypants says:

    Holy shit! I always wonder about dogs at open car windows if they’d ever jump out and try to get my dog! I guess you won’t be driving with the windows all the way open any more! Glad it wasn’t worse. Sounds like you were pretty cool under fire! Hope her footie heals quickly!

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