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Money Update

on May 17, 2012

So back in March I wrote about taking control of my finances/debts what have you, so I think its about time for a little update.

My cruise is in 21 days, my goal was/is to have both usable credit cards at ZERO when I leave Denver. Of course I’ll be racking these back up while i’m there, but at least i have them as a cushion for now. .

I’ve also had to add my summer class fees in to the mix. Luckily my mom will be helping out with some of it. So yeah, nothing too exciting with all that. I’ve been slowly paying things down when I have the funds available. No overages, late fees, or forgotten payments! Oh and as of last week, my credit score had jumped about 20 points! Still not in the “GOOD” gradient yet.. but soon.. i feel it!


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