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Mid week update

on May 24, 2012

Ahhhh my school break is almost over! I think i’m supposed to start biology on Monday.. But that can’t be right… That’s a holiday?

I know for sure that I start radiology Tuesday and then other classes I have are online. I still need to find somewhere to intern..waiting for some call backs still..

In 13 days I’ll be headed to Miami! Yay cruise time! So excited!

Found out today that nkotb invited naughty by nature on the cruise and they’re coming, so that should be interesting… Lots of ppl are excited about it but i’m like meh. Lol.

I remembered today that the only out fit I was missing was for pj night and coincidentally, got a 50% off email from lane Bryant. So I ordered a pair of shorts with daiquiris on them and a different top/bottom set can’t even remember now what it looks like it lol.

Yesterday and today I got a lot of unfucking done. Knocked down the mountain of laundry to only 2 loads left.

Also rearranged the bedroom closet. Vacuumed the hell out of it too since Snatch and Dawgfude sleep in there a lot, there was a LOT of hair in the carpet/wall crevice. They’re probably unhappy that I took away their nap spots.

Abbie has been shedding like crazy so I took a big brush to her and got out a ton of her undercoat. There’s still more! She needs to be brushed a few times a week I think.

I’ve been working an extra 2 nights a week every little bit helps!

I’ve been stressing about how to pay for summer classes and finally gave in and called my grandma. my mom helped with my first payment ($500) and my grandma agreed to help with my 2nd payment (another $500) that’s just about how much my rent is! Thankfully I have them to help me out otherwise id be screwed! also lucky I had some Amazon credit to buy 2 books and then I rented another online. I’ve still gotta make July & August school payments ouch. Can’t wait till September when I get some school money!

Oh! We’re having a bbq this weekend! I received some mccormicks new grilling rubs and sauce to use from! So I’ve gotta get some meats and sides this week. The pool is also opening so I need to go get the key tomorrow.

I also got some Dr. scholls for her heel inserts to try out this week, and private selection coupons for free/discounted foods from my grocery store, its like Christmas over here!

Well I better get to bed I’ve got lots on my to do list for tomorrow…


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