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Hello Stressful Week!

on June 5, 2012


This has been the most stressful 24 hours!

Left for work yesterday, stopped to get gas, filled it up… car wouldn’t turn back on. Really though? Sat there for over 2 hours because no one was able to come help me, or it would take too long for someone to get there, or people were working.

Had a mental/emotional breakdown right then and there, called my mom crying etc etc. Just so much other shit going on and i lost it. She sent me money via paypal to take a cab home. I was only 3 miles away, but i was wearing flip flops and it looked like it was going to rain out and I couldnt deal with walking at that point.

I leave TOMORROW MORNING for Miami/my cruise so trying to rush around and get last minute things done is impossible NOW. Also, the car is required to GET ME to the airport tomorrow. |=<

Im just about all packed aside from stuff I need to use to get ready before i leave. I’d like to get the house cleaned more but that may just be pipe dreams at this point.

My mom offered to get me a rental car for a few days while shit gets repaired, except i couldn’t tell her it would be of no use since im leaving town (which she doesn’t know about). Awkward.

I may go down to where the car is and see if it will start, after I have school. If not I found a tow company that will bring it home for $50 not too bad.

oooooooooookay and like 6 hours later i’m finishing this post!

Biked to/from school today, it really only takes about 15 minutes not too shabby, on the way there some of it is even coasting. On the way back though oh helllll it was SO GODDAMNED WINDY! I had to get off my bike I think twice and just walk a ways because it was impossible to pedal. Sheesh.

My friend Marsha met me at the house and we went to the car, still wouldn’t start all the way. Tow truck came, towed it to friends house to try and get it fixed this week hopefully. Bout $80 for the tow, not too shabby seeing as how most  places charge 150 just for a hook up plus mileage.
I called into work tonight seeing as how I can’t get there, not busing it all the way there, and then back at 10pm no thank you. When I got home from school I got a call from my internship teacher, weird, that she’d call me, she said the clinic i interviewed at last week called her and said they were not taking any more interns for the summer. WTF? they told me last week they could take me they just needed to verify my times/days with the Dr. GRRRRRRRR Now i have to find another place, which will be hard to do seeing as how i’m leaving for a week. . .

At least that will give me some time to get some things done around here that I wanted to and otherwise wouldn’t have had time to.

Had to book a shuttle in the AM to take me to the airport since the car is kaput, so that’s another $22  grrrr!

Ive had enough stress for one week and its only Tuesday! Tomorrow i’ll be in Miami drinking a big fruity drink and hopefully i’ll be happy at that point.


Now i’m being told, as soon as the car was dropped off…….. it started right up.
Are you fucking kidding me???????

Totally my luck though.
But you know what, that means its not something super duper expensive though.
Other places were quoting me $6-900 if it WAS the fuel pump issue.


3 responses to “Hello Stressful Week!

  1. Redscylla says:

    Ugh! The cherry on your shit sundae. Well, I hope you can just relax and enjoy your trip, and that things will go a little more smoothly when you get back.

  2. trishc1812 says:

    I hope you are having an awesome time on your vacation/cruise. Forget about the car for a week and deal with that when you get home.

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