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A Few Quick Highlights!

on June 14, 2012

I’m home from Florida! I’m exhausted (still) so I’ll just post a few quick things here and save the rest for another day.

The trip TO FLL went smoothly. No issues plane wise, shuttle wise, or anything else wise.


Met up with the girls at the hotel. It being a “Marriott” I thought it would have some better qualities to it. Like maybe free wi-fi? No? hm okay.. how about a Restaurant that has FAST service… 30 mins for drinks?! guess not.. ok whatever lol. We were all tired and didn’t do much that night anyways. Free shuttle to the port? nope.. had to pay for a taxi oh well.


We got to the port and then line wasn’t horrendous at that point so we got in pretty quickly, checked in, then lots of waiting around..


Got to see a lot of my Denver girls while waiting in line, they were waiting outside for the guys to show up, which I did last year, but man it was effing hot out! Cruising in June is way hotter than in May. Sheesh!

My roommate and I finally found each other while we were eating lunch on board so it was great to see her again!

We snagged a good position on the Lido Deck for the Sail away party. Not close enough for

signatures, but Jon did come up to us and take a pic/give us a hug! (I’m waiting for her to email me that pic).

Each day was packed full of activities! The first night we watched the guys play a game of “NKOTB Squares” like hollywood squares with contestants from the audience it was pretty hilarious.









The 2nd day we went to Half Moon Cay again for the “Ship Faced” Concert and beach games. Normally we start leaving the boat at 9am but apparently there were some “technical difficulties” with the tenders to take us to shore. One broke down with the equipment on it and everything/everyone on the boat had to be transferred to a different one, mid-ocean! So that set EVERYTHING back for that day. We didnt get off the boat till after Noon.. so the concert started later and it was soooooo much hotter at 2pm then it woulda been at noon when it was supposed to be at!

We didnt stay too long after the concert & activities were done just because it was soooooooooooo miserably hot. I didnt wanna risk getting burned. I was sure to keep lathered up with sunscreen this year! No burns for me!

Each night we had deck parties of course! Themes included: Red Carpet Night, Up Close & Cuddly Pj’s, 90’s night, GPS (represent where you’re from).

Oh did I mention, Naughty By Nature was on the cruise too? They performed during 90’s     night, and occasionally through the other nights as well.

Our 2nd stop was in Key West, FL where i’ve never been before, and my mission was to head to the Hemingway House and check out the property and of course the 6 toed kitties!!!   It was a sweltering heat, was 88 degrees, but felt 103. Yikes!


We did a little window shopping in key west and then headed back to the boat where we promptly took a 2 1/2 hour nap! that heat really kicked our butts! Luckily we had a little downtime in order to get some nappage in!


My mission every year is to get a pic with Donnie (well all the guys but mainly Donnie) and I accomplished it on the very last night! I look horrible! it was INSANELY windy on deck as well as sweaty! So i look like a complete troll, but whatevs!  Why does my chin look so big? was i just trying to smile so hard or what?! oy and my bangs.. wtf?!

I also made a sign that night that said “Denver girls do it a mile high!” lol. hehe.. i got 4/5 signatures from the guys and another from Vin Roc (pictured above) on the sign, not too shabby!

Hmmm what else what else…

Our day of Debarkation went pretty smooth, I guess. Aside from waiting in line forever for a taxi because this time, the Hyatt which was literally 10 minutes away, didn’t offer a shuttle pickup either!? WTF?! We had a biOtchy taxi driver lady who made us load our own suitcases, at least 2 each, big heavy ones, and then didnt do shit when we got to the hotel. Luckily the concierge did it for us. Then she made some rude ass remark cuz we didn’t tip her, bitch you didnt do your JOB!!! Anyways, the Hyatt didn’t have free wi-fi either! Seriously though?! I’d think as much as people are paying for these rooms, they could give you a little hookup ya know? Oh and another thing, both hotels utilize over the air TV, like, as in, no cable tv. Shocks me! Cheap-asses!

As soon as we got to our room we all crashed for about 4 or 5 hours, I’m not quite sure LOL. We woke up and went through our FB/Twitter feeds seeing everyones photos already, for those who hadn’t slept yet lol!

I had great timing on this trip in that my BFF Anabel who’s lived in Miami for years, is moving back to Cali, and was only there for about 3 more days! So her, hubby, new baby, and her brother drove down to meet me at the hotel! Her brother was a complete surprise to me! We haven’t all been together since we were CHILDREN, i mean like, 6 years old probably! I got to meet their new baby, Javier, who was adorable and I’m not a baby person at all, but he totally loved me. Immediately he gave me a big smile and giggles and drooled on me!












So we tried to re-create a photo that we took many many years ago.. with one addition of course…
My dad will be stoked to see these pictures (=











My friend Charligne and I shared a shuttle back to FLL airport on Tuesday and hung out till my flight left, also saw my girls Keri and Tina in the terminal just before I left. I had a plane change in Houston, which turned into a 3 hour delayed flight! GRRR!! I really despise texas. Everytime i’ve either driven through, or flown in to/out of, its a cluster fuck. So that messed up my ride home once I did get back to denver. So i was trying to find a shuttle, the one i wanted didnt run after 11pm, the bus would be a pain in the ass, and taxi’s would be a minimum of $45 which I didnt have.. I made a desperate plea to my friend Marsha asking if she could pick me up and to my delight she said yes!!!! phew!! such a relief! I ended up giving her $15 for gas which was a way better deal than any other transportation!

Thankfully while I was gone my car got fixed, so she took me to it instead of home, which worked out better because it was closer to her house anyways! All the warning lights are off in the car, the brakes work, and it starts and drives! There’s one other adjustment they’re gonna make this weekend, but aside from that she’s happy, hopefully. She does need an oil change though. Soon Soon.

I’ve been off the boat for 3 days now but i’m still feeling the earth sway lol. Others are feeling the same! It takes a while to get used to dry land again! Especially after having to fly so soon after.

So yeah, that’s about it for a few “quick” highlights, took me a while for this post! LOL Im waiting on Youtube to upload like 14 of my videos, will take because they’re HD.. so those will be shared later!


2 responses to “A Few Quick Highlights!

  1. Redscylla says:

    I feel tired just reading all this! It sounds exhausting but fun. I’m trying to imagine what a cruise with my favorite band would be like…

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