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New Swim Suit!

on June 20, 2012

A few weeks ago Jess and I went to OldNavy to check out some swimsuits for the summer!

Crowdtap and OldNavy sent me some coupons for free swimsuits so we couldn’t pass that up!

We perused their selection and made quite a few choices to try on.

I normally go for Tankini styles because they’re easy and comfy.

I tried on a few one pieces that had string halter’s but there just wasn’t enough support offered by those styles.







I found a cute one piece black halter style that I ended up choosing, it was super cute. There was a really similar one (the purple in the first picture) but the Black hid more of my imperfections LOL.

I think this style would be good for maybe the water park? That way I dont have to worry about 2 pieces coming off, only the top! LOL!

Jess chose this 2 piece for herself and Brooklyn helped out of course!


One response to “New Swim Suit!

  1. Redscylla says:

    I have a swimsuit almost exactly like the black halter, and it does hide the flaws well, doesn’t it? 😉

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