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on July 18, 2012

Ugh, another rough day here.
Was on my way to pick up the man from work, about 2 minutes away from him i get in the turn lane. The light turns green and the girl in front of me doesn’t go….just waves.

So I’m like wtf?! And pull into the 2 nd turn lane by now I’ve missed the light and she goes straight ahead like a fuck Tard.

Once the light turns green again i step on the gas, and the car dies….


I turn on my hazards and just a minute later a nice cop pulls up behind me and we chat for a few minutes while i try to restart the car with no luck.

We make the decision for him to push me with his bumper bar to get me out of the way and we do so.

I get to a more secluded street in a right turn lane into a parking lot and wait there for the man.

He has no luck in getting it to start either. He can’t stay with me because he had somewhere to be, which is why i was getting him in the first place!

So i call around for Tow trucks again and one comes to get me…for $100 )= we bring the car home and leave it in my parking lot.


During all this i call my mom and tell her I’ve had enough! I don’t want to deal with this car anymore, we’re obviously not getting along!

Once i get home i go online and remember that capital one has been sending me pre approval car loan notices… So i think, what the hell why not lets see what they say.

Holy shit! They approved me! Not for a ton, but for enough! A car that is 7 years old or newer, and with 70k miles or less…

All I’m waiting on now, is for Petsmart/Banfield to call me and offer me a job. Once they do that, I’m going car shopping.

I called my Grandma and asked if she would mind if i got rid of this car (since it was my grandpas) and she said of course not. Its (we’ve) been through enough already and its time. Its 15 years old with 105k+ miles on it.

I ended up having to miss work tonight because of this. I’ll have to take the bus to internship and work tomorrow until we can get someone to look at it.

Well i enjoyed a nice glass of wine tonight, now I’m gonna head to bed and hope tomorrow goes better.


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