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Pain in my neck!

on August 9, 2012

Hi-dee-hooo neighbors! Feels like I havent been around, finals kicked my ass the last 2 weeks, and trying to make sure I had everything turned in on time. I Know for sure that I passed 4 of my classes. The only one that’s iffy is my damn Biology class. I’m not sure I passed it. I’ll be pissed if thats the case, a waste of time and money (and i’ll still have to re-take it). But, what’s done is done.

We’ve had like 30+ days of over 90 degree weather here and it’s getting old fast. Mainly because my AC still sucks butthole. I had a guy come fix my fridge, but that’s all the progress that’s been made.

I stayed at the man’s apt the other night and woke up crying in agony. I couldn’t move my neck, or my left arm with out screaming out. He has the worlds flattest shittiest  sorriest excuse for pillows. I’m going to buy him new ones today because I can’t deal with that.

I came home yesterday, took a muscle relaxer, slept for about 5 hours, and when I woke up, I could move my arm again, but not so much my head/neck. I had to work last night, but being in so much pain, I just stood at the register and checked people out. Luckily my co-worker and boss understood and didnt push me to do harder things.

So after work I took a morphine pill and went to bed. For whatever reason the animals kept waking me up through the night. Kisa knocked the fan out of the window, and I dont know what else woke me. When I finally got up today I still had movement in my arm yay, and my neck is a tad bit better, but still really really sore. If i lean forward it feels okay. But try to lean my head back / stretch is when it hurts more. Weird, painful.

Argh its thursday, meaning the lawn guys come today, make lots of noise, and stress Ellie out. However i just closed the windows/doors, turned the AC on, and now both dogs are passed out in the living room. All is well.

I started using my body bugg again to start tracking calories and what not. I’ve gained back what I lost last year and that makes me a sad panda! I know its because I havent had time/money to go back to Pachanga in months. I really wanna go back. Maybe once I get my school money in a few weeks..

Still haven’t found an internship site for fall yet. Sent out about 15 more emails today hopefully someone responds. I’m doing a job shadow tomorrow at a clinic i interviewed at last week just for a tech. asst. position, but it pays LESS than I make now at ulta \= so we’ll see

Haven’t gotten a new car yet as I haven’t gotten a job offer so we’re still stuck with this gas sucker.

I should really unfuck some stuff around the house, its not that bad since the big cleaning for inspection, but if I take care of it now, it wont get worse. Maybe later today..

The man found an ad  on craigslist to be a tester for a new phone app, so i contacted them and did it, pretty easy, and they sent me a $20 amazon gift card. How spiffy is that! I need it to buy school books and what not. Free and easy money, I like it!

Guess i’ll go shower now so I can go get those pillows, gotta find my kohl’s coupons they’re around here somewhere… hmmm


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