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Wag’nTrail 2012!

on August 16, 2012


Please support us in our goal ($300) to raise money for animals in need of a home and little tender loving care.

I am participating in the Wag n Trail on September 22 in an effort to help the homeless pets at the Dumb Friends League shelter in Castle Rock, the Buddy Center.

The Buddy Center needs our support in caring for the more than 5,000 animals that come through its doors every year. Animals are brought to the shelter every day because their families can no longer care for them, they are lost or need medical attention that their families cannot afford. The Buddy Center welcomes all animals regardless of the situation and provides them with food, shelter, vaccinations and medical care. Every pet that goes to a new home is spayed or neutered, has a microchip ID implant, a collar and tag, and a free post-adoption veterinary vsit.

The Dumb Friends League works hard to return lost pets to owners and place pets in new, forever homes. Any donation helps and is greatly appreciated. Please help me save more animals in need by making a gift to support me in the Wag ‘n Trail. Your generosity is greatly appreciated by all!

Ellie was adopted from the Buddy Center so this fundraiser is near and dear to her heart! Abbie is also a shelter dog and knows just how important raising money is for homeless pets!



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