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Not as I had planned…

on August 21, 2012

You know how you have your mind set on something and you work really hard for it and then it all goes klabooey in your face? Yeah that was my first day at school yesterday.

I was in the computer lab printing out notes for Clinical Lab class and our teacher came in to remind of us something and then told me that our Director needed to see me, like, right then.

So I went to her office  and got the worst news. Our program is being audited and everyone who has not had all of their pre-req’s completed need to stop all classes and get them done NOW. UGH REALLY?!??! They couldn’t have brought this up prior to the first day of school? Yes she had emailed me in the summer about biology, which I was taking through the other college. Unfortunately I did not pass biology this summer. Fuckin ridiculous. I lost it yesterday. Called my mom to tell her between bawling my eyes out came home stressed out some more etc etc, cried myself in to 2 different naps. Ignored all phone calls and what not, I was just over it. I did however send an email to the Dean of our program explaining the situation and seeing if there was any leeway for me. She responded asking me to come in and talk to her today (wednesday).

This morning I went and met with her and the director and we went over everything thats gone on since the beginning of the program last fall. I brought up, “Why was I accepted into the program if my stuff WASNT right?” Which they didnt have an answer for. (ie. thats why programs are being audited now to prevent things like this from happening).  Had I actually passed bio this summer, she most likely would have let me continue in the program this fall  and just take  other classes concurrently. But, since I didnt,  I cant.

What they want me to do is finish these pre-req’s and other general ed classes that I need regardless, and then in the spring, return to the vet program  and graduate next fall. They SAY this is the best way, because in December after graduation, is when the CVT Board Exams are. They claim there is a 100% pass rate when the boards are taken directly after graduation rather than finishing in may or june and waiting until December to take the tests, because you’d forget everything basically, and because there is a board review class that we take during the last semester.

I’m not happy about this not in the least. I don’t want to leave my “class” of people that I’ve been with since I started. Have to go back with people I don’t even know, but I have no other option right now.

The best thing to do is to take these classes online, aside from biology, and then I can work more whether it be at ULTA or somewhere else. I’m also really bummed because I just got the offer for my internship yesterday and now I have to tell them I can’t take it, and hope they’ll take me in the spring time next year.

I want to re-take the placement tests for math this week so that I can hopefully test out of the remedial math course that would be next in my line of classes. That would save me money and time. I’ve got the review sheets to print out and then go down and take ’em sometime this week. Most classes start next week or the first week of September so I’ve got a little time to figure it out.

All i can do right now is just exhale and deal with whats going on. Nothing else I CAN do about it other than deal with it. With this and other stressors going on in my life, i’ve lost 5 lbs woohoo I’ll take it lol.


6 responses to “Not as I had planned…

  1. crankypants says:

    Oh geez. That stinks but you’ll be okay, you have the right attitude. Get the freaking out done with early and then just roll with it and continue on. It’s what you want to do so it will be worth it. I hope the worst is behind you and everything else goes smoothly till you graduate! It really sucks though because who suffers because they didn’t do things properly from the start? You do.

  2. cloudy says:

    Ugh, that sucks. It’s amazing how Universities are good at screwing things up and making life difficult. Recently my dad took some classes to renew his teaching certificate and they were supposed to count towards it, and then after he finished them he found out they didn’t. So he had to scramble to get credits so he could actually go back to work this fall! I hope this works out better than you think.

  3. xmangerm says:

    ” i’ve lost 5 lbs woohoo I’ll take it lol.” at least there is something positive about the situation.

  4. trishc1812 says:

    ugh. I hate it when paper work messes with plans. Which, you know, passing classes on general junk is just paperwork. I hope you settle in with your new “class”…maybe you can teach some of them a thing or two and help your knowledge become more concrete.

    It still sucks though. Sorry.

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