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Tickets! Get your College Football Tickets!

on August 28, 2012

I know a lot of people out there are college football fans whether they went to that school themselves, they live near it, or its just family tradition to cheer on that team.

For myself, my college doesn’t have a football team so I am allowed to be choosy about who I root for!

If you need to get your tickets in for football season, here’s a few options for you!

If you’re in the mid-west… how about: oklahoma sooners football tickets

or maybe root for their rivals…  oklahoma state cowboys football tickets

For you west coasters there’s the oh so popular oregon ducks football tickets

So hurry, get your tickets, your pompoms and your tail gating supplies ready!


2 responses to “Tickets! Get your College Football Tickets!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    So….when I was a young girl my favorite thing to do with my Dad was to hang out with him while he watched college football. He was in charge of the ‘office pool’ that went along with college ball…he had to keep up with all of the scores from all of the colleges. I saw Saturday afternoons as a way to hang out with my Daddy who spent so many months away at sea and so I never got enough attention from him. Back in the early 70’s Notre’ Dame was one of the few college teams that ruled Saturday afternoons. My Dad could NOT stand them for some reason or another. For that reason alone I had to root for the ‘team with the gold helmets’. It was fun to cheer for ‘my’ team when they were winning and it was a different kind of fun when ‘my’ team was losing and my Dad teased me.

    I still love to see Notre Dame win. I have rooted for them for so many years it is hard to break that habit. My Dad and I still tease each other about Notre’ Dame and their rivals. then many years later I marry Chris, a graduate of Mississippi State University. I root for them to win…just because. My Dad roots for Mississippi State’s biggest rival, University of Mississippi…the good natured ribbing still happens even this many years out. Now? now I live in Tuscaloosa, AL…the home of the Crimson Tide…I root for them. I’ve gotten to the point that I do root for ‘Bama to win any game in any sport. It gets a bit awkward when the Dawgs and the Tide play each other…I try to stay neutral…but I don’t manage that too well.

    I wish I could afford tickets to see any of these teams play. I guess I will just have to be happy watching them from the comfort of my own home. Oh, this year Jordan will be working at Bryant Denny Stadium for each home game. He will get to feel the energy and excitement that goes along with college ball, he will get to hear The Million Dollar Band play, he will earn $10 an hour and he will get valuable memories to store and to be brought out and shared as the years go by.

    • thats so awesome that you have those memories with your dad!
      i remember watching NFL games with my grandpa on tv whether i knew what was really going on or not.. and i rooted for the teams that my grandparents rooted for!

      yay for jordan getting a job! that should be really exciting for him!

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