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No rest after the labor?

on September 3, 2012

I thought 3 day weekends were for relaxing…?

Saturday, I worked 8am-4pm then I went over to the bf’s family’s house and hung out for a while.


I took some pics of them trying to play football in the street… only a lil blood was spilled lol










After that we met up with his friends for some food and what not and I didnt get home and in bed til midnight
But we got a cute picture!





Sunday I went back to work from 7-1 oy vey, luckily I’d gotten a lot done saturday to prepare for sunday so that made things a lot easier  for all of us who were already tired.

After work we went down to the taste of colorado, met up with Chantelle  for a few, ate a lot of food and walked around in the 90+ heat  with crowds and crowds of people!

We had a turkey leg, berry kabob, fried pickles, mini doughnuts, jelly belly samples… and I think thats it, but they were filling!











We went home and lounged around for hours.. around 9 I went home so I could take the beasts out  and get to bed. I had a little dinner, took a shower, and then went to get into bed… Where I found a large wet spot…. where SOMEONE had peed. I’m not sure WHO, I have an inkling it was a dog, because it just didn’t smell like cat pee. Everyone knows the difference. So, instead of dealing with it then, I went back to his house and slept there for 4 hours till I had to go to work lol.

I had to work even earlier at 5am today! Sheesh. Once 11 came around I ran outta there!  My feet feel swollen from all the working, standing, walking all weekend. So sore!

So now i’m at home dealing with the pee incident, washing my comforter, sheets, mattress pad, and i’ll need to vacuum and steam clean the mattress itself in a bit here.

I need to do regular laundry too cuz i’m pretty sure i’m down to one pair of clean underwear that snuck in with towels when I washed them lol lucky me!

The nice thing about today is no school! But I do need to catch up on some things, either tonight or tomorrow morning because yet again I work tomorrow night, rawr!

Alright time to get off my butt and get some schtuff around here and let the unfucking commence!


4 responses to “No rest after the labor?

  1. Redscylla says:

    UH ohs. Is one of the puppies mad at you? That’s the only time I’ve gotten a bed-peeing, when big girl was mad at me about something.

    Also, why must the “Taste of …” events always be held in sweltering heat? Whyyyyy?

    • yeah they’ve been mad at me, ive been working a lot and spending the night at the bf’s…

      luckily the taste of events go till like 10pm, but the man had to work at 530 so we didnt have any other options \=

  2. cloudy says:

    I’ve never had a “berry kabob” before but I think that needs to change!

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