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Donate and Win!!

on September 22, 2012

After our hike we were perusing the vendor booths and one was “Donate $1 spin the wheel to win!” So I did, and I did!

what a godsend!! Ive needed one of these for Abbie and I’ve been too cheap to buy one! All the ones I see are $30+ luckily  I only paid $1! ha!

I brushed her with it tonight and she loved it.

We took a 3-4 hour nap after we got home this morning, we were ALL exhausted! LOL who’d a thunk a 2 mile hike would wear us city folk out so much?! haha.

The girls had a good time and we raised $155! And thats all that matters!

Thanks again to Cranky and Elvis for their donation!

We got a nifty t-shirt, a glass water bottle, a portable water/food bowl for the dogs, and of course snazzy bandannas!


Aaand here’s our family photo!


One response to “Donate and Win!!

  1. trishc1812 says:

    We have a Furminator, the medium sized, and Jordan uses it on Darcy. She hates it…probably because he doesn’t use it as often as he should.

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