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Yesterday, Was a good day.

on September 28, 2012

At 2:48 am, my good friend Lisa had her first son, and 4th child, Rex John Patrick Canavan. Sure he was 11 days early, but he was also already 8 lbs, so it’s good he was a little impatient!













I went down to visit them around noon, and I was the first non-family visitor, soon after I got there, the newborn photographer came in so I helped her position him and do his little photo session. Then dad and sisters came back with lunch for mom and we sat and chatted for a while.

I also took her a newborn gift set from work from California Baby, which included some baby wash, lotion, sunscreen, and other lil goodies. My customers rave about it so hopefully they’ll like it too!

Later on in the afternoon my friend Danielle called screaming in the phone that she got the job at my Ulta as a stylist in the salon!  She’s super stoked about it as am I to have a friend at work! Yay!

On my way to work I stopped by starbucks to get a mocha cookie crumble frapp, and sat in the drive through for 12 MINUTES. Because the car 2 ahead of me kept sending their drink back like an asshole. Who does that?? I was very frustrated at this point and if I could have would have driven out of line but I was blocked in. Once I got to the window, they comped my drink, the one car in front of me and probably the 2 behind me, all cuz of that a-hole. So other than the long wait, getting a free drink was the 3rd good thing to happen yesterday so I’ll take it!


One response to “Yesterday, Was a good day.

  1. trishc1812 says:

    New babies are the best! Congratulations to your friend on the birth of her son.
    Congratulations to you and your (other) friend for having a job with built in friends to chat with when a minute or three.
    Free Starbucks…awesome!

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