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Song Filled Saturday

on October 28, 2012

So back in September i saw a tweet from Tony Lucca saying they would need people to work their merchandise booths at upcoming stops on his tour and to contact them if you wanted to help. So I did and we emailed back and forth a couple times and then that was it. Then Saturday morning I surprisingly got an email again saying sorry for the short notice, but if I was able to help them out that night at his show they’d appreciate it (and i’d get to see a free show!)

Since it was Saturday night, and I had no plans, and the venue was literally 5 minutes away from me, I thought what the hell!

Now if you don’t know who Tony Lucca is, he was the runner up on Season 2 of The Voice. He was awesome on the show, and has had plenty of success on his own before and after the show. His opener was Justin Hopkins , who was also on season 2 of the voice! They were both such nice and personable guys! I got to talk to Justin a lot before and after his set and after the show.

I was set up with an ipad and an iphone to sell their items with t-shirts and cd’s and to take donations for their charity work. Let me tell you, I sold a LOT of merchandise. T-shirts were $20 a pop and cd’s were $10, and boy do those add up fast!! Tony was like YOU DID AWESOME MY PHONE WAS BLOWING UP! Because every transaction got sent to his email lol.

I took a couple videos, but the sound is kinda skewed because it was such an intimate venue, my phone doesn’t pick up the sound great. But I had an awesome head on view of the stage and I was right next to the sound guy, so to ME it sounded awesome.

So here’s some pics from last night..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had a great time at a free show and it occupied my saturday night! Justin signed his cd’s for me, and said that when he was done with his show in the springs this weekend, he’d sign a poster he had from the voice and send that to me too! Such awesomely nice guys, I’m so glad I got to hang out with them! Told them next time they’re in Denver to call me and I’ll work for’em again!


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