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Sleepless Black Friday

on November 23, 2012

Sorry I’ve been mia lately. But I’m here now so that’s what matters right?

I had to work at 11 pm on Thanksgiving, until 6 am today. It was pretty ridiculous. About 10-15 minutes before we opened at midnight a line started to form and we had about 25 people all at once. Our first hour stayed steady, then it died off the rest of the time. I think we did just under 3 grand in 6 hours. To me, not really worth it. Other stores that were close to malls or shopping centers opened at 8 pm and they did about 12 grand in a few hours.

I was flip flopping on whether or not to go shopping when i got off, so i figured i would since i was full of red bull anyways. I stopped by JCP to check on their boots, but it was packed full of messicans and all their kids. I couldn’t deal with it.

I left there and went to Walmart which was surprisingly empty of customers, found what i wanted, magic mike on DVD for $8!

I made a call to the Coach store to see if they still had ridiculous lines and they said not at all… So i found my self driving about 20 minutes south to the factory outlets.. I really just wanted to try and find a wallet.. But they had a whole wall of clearance items… They were 50% off the already marked down price… Then another 30% off that, and finally if you checked out before 9 am, they gave another 10%!

So i managed a purse, a wallet, and a slim card/id holder, for about $210… Which is LESS than the original cost of the bag itself! I think i saved over $450! Isn’t that insane?!


That’s my new favorite (dangerous) store! And its not that i didn’t love the one he gave me, but its that he got me hooked on it, and I needed more!

After that i stopped by kohls and picked up 2 new pillows, i had a 15% off coupon and a $10 promo. So $12 for 2 extra firm pillows, hopefully they last longer than the cheapy ones i got last year.

Oh i also ordered a couple things online from lane Bryant since it was all 50% off!

Tomorrow I’m making MY turkey and goodies since we went to his moms house on Thursday. I didn’t bother bringing home leftovers then, but all I’ve wanted since is turkey! Lol
We somehow managed to both wear purple to dinner, totally unplanned.


Got a good photo of the guys..


And can’t forget Hercules!


Its 10:15 now and imma try and get some sleep cuz I’ve had like 4 hours since 7 am Thursday.. i think the dogs are happy I’ll be home in my own bed tonight..


So tomorrow I’ll be cooking, cleaning, homework and studying. Oh joy. But hey, at least i don’t have to work!


One response to “Sleepless Black Friday

  1. xmangerm says:

    You are lucky for your girls are cute.

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