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Sleepy Saturday

on January 5, 2013

I can’t believe I have tomorrow (Sunday) off, I’ve got a lot of cleaning to do around here, so hopefully I’ll have the motivation to do it.

My couch only has 1 cushion to sit on.. the kitchen is full of dishes, and a dishwasher with clean dishes.. my coffee table is packed with crapola  and I’ve got 2 loads of laundry that are clean that need to be put away. All in all it’s not a LOT it just SUCKS.  Oh and maybe clean out the inside of the truck..

I knew I wouldn’t be of any use to myself today since I got so very little sleep last night, I took a 2-3 hour nap this afternoon, but I still felt tired afterwards

Been clearancing a lot of stuff at work lately, and one thing was a CHI styling wand normally $120, down to $29 + my discount, so I talked my mom into needing one so she sent me the money to buy it for her. Whether she uses it or not we’ll see lol. I also snagged a few free samples for her and my aunt so I’ve gotta send them off on Monday.

I’ve had some good scores couponing lately. Found some “winter pine” Tidy Cats litter at Target, marked down to $2.08 with a sticky for 2 free fancy feast cans, so I got the last 2 of those, and then a bunch of holiday Glade air fresheners for super cheap, all on clearance+coupons. I walked out of target paying $7  something!

Is it just me or has the ASPCA and Humane Society increased their amount of tv commercials recently? They’re killin me! I know all those puppies and kitties are sad, but I have enough of my own right now!!

My cell phone has been having issues lately with charging. As in I woke up an hour later than I should have the other day because my phone turned off over night, yet was still charging, but only at 17%. I took it to the sprint store, but they couldnt find anything wrong with it other than one of my batteries wasn’t good anymore. Luckily I had another one. Maybe its all THREE of my charging cords? Cuz it charged fine at the mans place with his cord? I’m eligible for upgrade on Feb 1st, so if  I can just hold out a few more weeks.. all will be well. I’m leaning towards the galaxy s3 as my next phone. its the newer model of what i already have and still small enough to fit in my pocket.

Have I mentioned how happy I am they passed the fiscal cliff crap? Cuz now unemployment gets extended throughout the end of the year, phew!! I was REALLY worried about that! I dunno how much longer I have left on this claim but some is better than none!

Hmm.. maybe I’ll get up and go to Pachanga in the AM, i havent been in quite a while, or maybe i’ll sleep in, ya never know!



4 responses to “Sleepy Saturday

  1. crankypants says:

    have you been trying different outlets to charge your phone? Maybe for some reason that one isn’t getting enough juice?

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