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Third Thursday of ‘Thirteen

on January 17, 2013

Its been a busy week. We finally had inventory at work, which was a hassle, because RGIS sucks at doing their job, and we have to re-count a lot of things anyways. They should just let us do it ourselves.

Today was my first day off and I had to take the car back to the radiator place because it was leaking. AGAIN. Turns out it was the radiator AGAIN. Not a hose like I’d originally thought. This is the THIRD radiator they’ve replaced. Hopefully this one lasts. *crosses fingers* they also found a small oil leak in a hose leading to the radiator so they fixed that too. Since the last replacement was a year and ONE MONTH ago, they charged me partial labor, only $80 so not too bad.  I’ve been trying to convince my mom that she NEEDS a new car, and then she can give me hers! I know she would, she just doesn’t want to pay a car payment every month lol.

While I was at home all day I should have been productive and cleaned the house, but i didn’t. All I managed to do was take the trash out. Go me. I’ve gotta go back to work tomorrow and then I have saturday off, which is a nice treat!

I told work that I didn’t want to work early shipments anymore, 1. because 5 am is too damn early. 2. because its fucking cold at 5am in the winter. and 3. because its hard to concentrate in class after being up since 4am.  I offered an alternative, to schedule me 4-close on mondays and I can come in and try to wrap up what they weren’t able to finish from earlier in the day and they agreed that could work. So I said I’d give them 2 more weeks of AM shipment and thats it. They’ve hired another person to work the task shifts during the day that I was working so I’m supposed to be training her, whenever she’s scheduled, I dunno when that is.

I’m still sad that the broncos fucked up their play off game, especially since I just ordered a jersey, that should be arriving tomorrow. Luckily, i had points to use, so i basically got it for free, instead of $130 so I’m not AS mad at it.

Next week I go back to school, my regular vet classes. Hopefully all is well and no surprises will happen this semester to push me back again. My internship is all set up and should start soon. Cross your fingers for me that everything goes smoothly!

Since the govt chose to extend the unemployment benefits, they managed to change some of the rules too. So i had to go to this office yesterday and I was under the impression it was a meeting, since that was what their letter said.. the girl gave me a form to fill out, a website to visit and watch videos, and then to come back next tuesday. wtf? waste of my time. Then today I get a call from the same office saying I have to come in on the 29th to do exactly what I did yesterday.. im like why? And this lady is like you were here? You talked to someone? They gave you stuff? im like uhh YES i went to the meeting appointment YOU scheduled.. rawr. So I’m still going back on tuesday to do whatever.. and shes like well if you DONT come on the 22/23 you’re in jeopardy of losing your money. Like in a threatening way. Bitch I never said I WASN’T coming! Gosh!

I should probably go make sure I have clean clothes to wear to work tomorrow…and its almost time for Grey’s Anatomy, woohooo!



One response to “Third Thursday of ‘Thirteen

  1. xmangerm says:

    “Like in a threatening way. Bitch I never said I WASN’T coming! Gosh!” be nice to those state employees for you used to be one…..Remember:)

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