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Vegas bound T minus 6 months!

on January 27, 2013

Well I was able to purchase tix for the Vegas show, they weren’t NEARLY as close as I wanted.. I mean I’m used to being close enough to having sweat on me, but they’re good enough for now. There’s still plenty of time to find better ones online!



They always say “not a bad seat in the house” so that makes me feel a lil better.

Even better news, my friends Claudia and Charligne (from the cruise) decided to go to Vegas too! So we’ll have a fun filled birthday weekend! I’m stoked.

So I’ve got about 6 months to get my ass in gear, get in shape looking good, pay off cc’s and save some money!

Luckily I have $109 in Southwest credit so that’ll help for at least one ticket.

Plus plenty of time to find good rates on rooms. I’d really like to stay at Aria or Cosmo if possible. I know its the weekend following a holiday (july 4th) but I’d figure it wouldn’t still be too bad, since the holiday is in the middle of the week? I dunno. If worse comes to worse, I can ask my travel agent Aunt if she has any hookups.




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