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on February 16, 2013

Sorry ya’ll I’m still alive, life has just been busy as fuck lately!

I have classes on Mon/Wed/Fri, Internship Tues/Thurs, and still somehow working 5 days a week ~ 25 or so hours. I seriously dont know how i’m managing it all, you know I love sleep.. and having to be up early every day is killing me!

My internship is pretty awesome, the clinic is so nice and so are the other techs and the vets are really informative!
They’ve taught me how to place a catheter, did one on a greyhound, place an ET tube, did that on a golden, and drew blood from the jugular on a Bernese  They’re also showing me how to monitor anesthesia and chart dentals. I’ve already done so much at this clinic than I did at all previous internships, so thats nice.

I got an 87% on my first test in Anesthesia so that made me happy! I’ve got another test on monday for Clinical lab.. so I need to start studying for that as soon as Im done writing this!

Monday night I surprised the man with tickets to an NHL game! It was my first time being at one and we had awesome seats, we were 13 rows behind the Avalanche’s goal so it was really neat to be that close, I miss playing hockey! They ended up losing in OT but it was still fun. The funniest thing though, we look down our row when ppl came to sit down, and it ended up being his cousin and her two sons! The people already sitting next to us were her boyfriend and his kids! Of all the rows, and all the seats in that event center, they sat in ours! Crazy! Our friend Michaela was also there, she saw my posts on FB and realized we were only 4 sections away from each other!

I’ve been trying to clean my house for the last week or so, because my mom and step dad are coming to town next week, to bring me her old car! A new to me car!! A few weeks ago I started asking her if she was ready to buy a new car, didnt she want something shiny and new to drive around?…. about 2 weeks later she called me on a sunday and said she went and bought a 2012 Highlander! yay! So they’re planning to get here Thursday most likely and then flying home on Saturday. Just a quick trip, they never stay long. Actually the last time they were here was when they brought me my current car, and I think that was about 6 ish years ago??

So i’ll be getting a 2002 Trailblazer. I’m excited to have heated seats and a sunroof! May have to upgrade the stereo though, I doubt it has a connection for my phone to play pandora or anything. We’ll see once it gets here. Im happy though! Can’t wait to have a reliable car again!! An 11 year old car vs a 16 yr old car is way more manageable!

All thats left for me to do around here is put away my mountains of laundry and clean the carpet in a few places.. aside from that it’ll just be maintaining it for a few days! Trying to think what I can do with them while they’re here..maybe go to the Wild Animal Sanctuary..the bears are all hibernating, but the lions and tigers will be out and about!

Welp I better go get my notes going cuz I know Im going to be busy tomorrow with work and celebrating the 2nd half of our Vday, we both had to work all week long so we didnt get a chance to do anything other than the hockey game!



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