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Wack A Doodle Doooo!!!

on February 16, 2013

Crazy effing night at work! So my manager caught some dude trying to steal a bottle of Eizabeth Arden perfume.. really? So she takes it from him and kicks him out of the store.. about 5 minutes later, she sees him running past our store with a Petsmart cart full of dog food, almost gets hit by a car in the parking lot… so I go outside. and pick up a box of Milk Bones he dropped and I see a petsmart manager coming towards me so I hand it back and say “i think these are yours!”

… about 10 minutes later.. I hear my boss yelling out the door “you gotta lotta balls to come back here!!!” the dude walked past our store, saw her and flipped her off through the window!! so i go back outside and over to petsmart to show them that hes out in the parking lot, he then tries to hide behind a pickup truck, but then takes off running down towards starbucks and to the opposite side of the building.. I call office max and warn them that he may be coming their way as well and to watch out!

I also called Denver PD and reported it, and eventually they showed up but did nothing, because “they have a lot of stabbings and shootings going on tonight”

… while all this is going on, we have a lady who’s been sitting in our store for 4 1/2 hours… walking around, shopping, bothering associates, sitting in the salon.. reading magazines.. around 8:30 she finally gets up and picks up a few things out of clearance.. ends up buying $8 worth of stuff, and the other cashier says OK Well I gotta escort you to the door now cuz we’re closed!!! She was literally in her car for another 15 minutes before she left. WACKADOODLES WERE OUT IN FULL FORCE TONIGHT. Theres no full moon, I checked… So it must be that the asteroids threw something off in our world!


2 responses to “Wack A Doodle Doooo!!!

  1. lauowolf says:

    One of those days you go around humming Mama Said There’s Be Days Like This, and fiddling with the words in your head.

  2. crankypants says:

    Good lord! they are all in sync, that is for sure.

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