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on April 5, 2013

Tried to make myself a nice steak for lunch. However while searing it in a pan, nearly all the oil splashed out onto my hand. Hurts like a mofo. Is in such awkward places. Thumb, underneath thumb between pointer finger, top of middle finger, and back of hand. Got some burn gel pads from Walgreens them and soaking in a bowl of water for a few hours has helped. Really hurts where my fingers bend though. Btw I still ate the Damn steak, Eventually.





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4 responses to “Owwwwwy

  1. crankypants says:

    owwwwwww that is awful. I spilled hot coffee on myself and that hurt so I know hot oil has to be 100x worse. I hope it heals quickly and you don’t need to go see a doctor. I was actually expecting it to look a lot worse so I was a little relieved…. but those blisters on your fingers look pretty bad.

    • The pain was excruciating for about 3 hours. Then mostly stopped. The blisters are even bigger now. The bf is gonna pop them for me tomorrow, and I got those special band aids for blisters. Just don’t want any scars )=

  2. You poor thing! My sister did something similar year ago when cooking fries. Very painful! Don’t pop as that allows infection, just soothe with aloe Vera .

  3. xmangerm says:

    Damn! I hope you are now feeling much better.

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