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Poor Twitchypoo

on April 21, 2013

Last Tuesday I took Twitch and Snatch to school for their wellness exam with the school vet and other students. I was shocked when I was told that they were angels during their exams. Seeing as how they havent been to a vet in 9 years since they were neutered… and they are afraid of anyone who comes to the house…

When I went to pick them up they said everything looked good except they were questioning their urine. Both had traces of  blood in it. So I took them back with me on Friday to Lab and we redid their cystocentesis (Poking them with a needle to get a sterile sample of urine), well tried to with both, Snatch was empty, but we got some out of Twitch, and found the same results. However this time it was a LOT of blood and bacteria. So basically he has a UTI. Who knows how long hes had it, and of course because he’s a cat he shows no outward signs, and I havent seen anything in the litterbox. Since we dont have a pharmacy at school, I ended up having to take Twitch to our regular vet.

Here he is hiding in my coat…



3 outings in 1 week for a cat who never leaves the house! Even though I brought the test results to the vet, they still re-did their own, which I knew they would, and determined the same as we had.





After the vet had done their poking…












I can assume he doesn’t hate me because he keeps coming around for lovings



So now I’m giving him liquid antibiotics, Clavamox 2x a day. Boy is THAT fun! Apparently its banana flavored. Regardless of that, he does NOT LIKE IT ONE BIT. Puts up quite a fight, but then gets over it pretty quickly.

They both had senior blood panels done and those came back good. So Snatch is going  in on wednesday to get a dental done, and will get his urine retested then. Twitch will probably have to wait till the fall semester for his dental.

Kisa and Dawgfude are going in on Tuesday for their wellness exams. Hopefully all is well with them. Im sure Kisa’s urine is fine because i just took her in less than 2 weeks ago.

So we’ll recheck Twitch in 10 days and hopefully he’ll be clear!


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