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Kitty Updates

on May 2, 2013

Snatch had his dental last week and they removed 1 tooth due to a resorptive lesion

Basically its like a cavity that starts from the inside->out. Its normally only in cats, and theyre still not quite sure what causes them. But he’s all good now. Had a few days of pain meds and antibiotics. He was actually pretty easy to give his meds to surprisingly.

Kisa and Dawgfude went to school for their exams, and were sorta well behaved.. kinda.. LOL… i had concerns about Dawgfude’s teeth and the dr validated those. She basically needs her 2 top canines removed, and she may also have some resorptive lesions herself. That’ll have to be done by our regular vet though because its a little much for them to do at school.

This week i had to take Kisa, Dawgfude and Twitch back to get their urine drawn again. Kisa’s needed to be sent to the lab because we got varied results, Dawgfude they never got any the first time, but we tested hers in school and had some left over to send out, and Twitch’s isn’t completely clear of his UTI but it looks a LOT better. WAAAY less bacteria in it and less blood. We’re not sure if the blood was actually in the urine or happened during the poking. He’s still got a couple days left on his antibiotics and we’ll recheck him next week.

So hopefully dawgfude can hang in for a lil bit longer, because once June comes around i’ll have some $$ to get her teef taken care of.



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