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Spring Semester DONE!!

on May 14, 2013

Thats me right now! Finals are finished, most all grades are in and from what I’ve calculated looks like I’ll be getting 2 A’s and 2 B’s! Works for me!!!

Im stoked to have gotten an 82% on my Anesthesia final. I was super worried about it, I knew the info but I tend to forget everything once I start the test LOL Luckily she was nice enough to give us a word bank so that helped out a LOT with fill in the blank stuff.

My notebook got an 87% which is just fine! I worked hard on it the last week.. and not much since before spring break!

However I did receive a 97% on my final surgical lab, which was awesome. Keeping the directors sisters dog alive is always a plus!

So now I’ve got a few weeks until summer semester starts up again, only taking 2 classes, one online and one in person. So imma work work work till then.


Hopefully now I can get my apt back into some semblance of livable conditions! Lots of laundry and cleaning up to do as well as doggie play time and long walks! OH and naps, for all of us. Lots of naps.


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