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on May 26, 2013

Aye yai yai… nothing very exciting going on here for the holiday weekend. No one I know is having bbq’s or parties or anything. Booo! I worked Fri/Sat night and Sunday morning. Luckily I have monday off and Im planning on taking the dogs up to the mountains, not too far away to do a lil hiking in an area that has a creek and or waterfall. I think they’ll love it. Hopefully its not a billion degrees out.

I brushed Abbie today and got a shitton of her undercoat off of her. I may even do some more later today when it cools off outside, I’m sure she has more to shed.

Got 2 loads of laundry that need to be put away, have been sitting in baskets for the past week or so. Blech.

There’s a week left till summer classes start, not too thrilled about that but whatevs, its only 2 of em and shouldnt be too bad. Just trying to think, 7 more months and I’ll be DONE with school. Done done! Seems so close yet so far! Hoping my school refund money comes in soon cuz I’m dyin without it! Still need to book Vegas Stuff!

Finally got to reapply for unemployment this week, so hopefully it won’t be too much of a fight and i’ll be able to get some money coming in soon. I luckily got food stamps back last week so my fridge and cupboards are STOCKED! woohoo!

Waiting to hear back from my leasing company about another property that is up for rent, I’d like to go look at it this week, its in a decent area and looks to have a big backyard, but I dont know what kind of shape its in.

Our store is going to be remodeled starting in June! So excited! However that means we have to do an inventory prior to that. Not fun. Funny story though, the manager I did not get along with finally ended up transferring to a different store, woohoo! And we got another one transferred to us, who’s gone through remodels and resets with other Ulta’s so she knows whats going on. I was told that I had to be nice, had to get along with her, and should learn from her. Not sure what there is to learn from her, job’s not going to be any different but whatev’s. So I’m doing my best to be amicable. However it’s hilarious to me, that other associates and even managers have voiced their opinions about her… heh. Another associate finally quit. She was an older lady, who talked incessantly, and thought she knew way more than she did and was super slow at doing her job. Her last day was supposed to be saturday but ended up being whatever other day during the week. One of her reasons for finally leaving was that having to work with me so much (really rarely these days) and that I didn’t like her, didnt talk to her, and made her feel unwelcomed there. Well DUH. That was the plan. So 2 down, 1 to go! hahah. The new people we’ve hired lately are actually good and that makes me happy. They’re completely competent and willing to work.

Crap I just remembered I still need to find an internship for the fall, but i have till sometime in July.. but better to start now than to procrastinate like I normally do!



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