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Gettin’ Active

on May 30, 2013

A few weeks ago I received a packet in the mail from Old Navy and Crowdtap to pick out some new active wear!

I was stoked to get something new and light weight to wear for summer since most every pair of work out pants I have is black!



So I went with some lightweight running shorts, even though I’m no runner! But I’ve been wearing them out while I take the dogs on long walks. I also got a bright blue bubble top that goes great with it!






I gave the other free set of active wear to one of my managers at work because I know she’s been really good about getting to the gym lately and working out so I knew she could benefit from it!  So this is what she picked out:

PART_1369846883007_PicsArt_1369844456084.jpg PART_1369846883030_100MEDIA_IMAG1199.jpg

So overall we got some good pieces and we’ll be stylin’ this summer while we get our sweat on!



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