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I’ll miss you Chester Bunny

on June 16, 2013

I’m sad to say that Chester passed away last night. He hadn’t been eating much if at all over the last few days and it seemed his snuffles were getting the best of him. Antibiotics weren’t doing much.

When I got home from work I gave him water through a syringe tried to get him to eat with no luck.

So, I held him and we cuddled on the couch for a couple hours, the most I’ve ever been able to hold him.

At 12 years old he was way past his prime and life expectancy. I’m sure he was probably sad since losing Amylase 6 months ago. I understand he was old and tired. I thank him for his companionship all these years. He was the first pet I got when I moved to Colorado.

I’ll miss you lil guy, love you.










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One response to “I’ll miss you Chester Bunny

  1. I’m sorry about your bunny 😦

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